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Ntu gpa honours

Ntu gpa honours

2. They do not equate to the various classes of degree honours conferred by universities that follow the British system of academic honours. Note that technically a degree without honours only takes 3 years so if you dont get your honours after 4 years, you've wasted a year, so the bare minimum to aim for is a GPA 3 when you grad. Here's some basic things you need to know of the halls in NTU. Qualification is based on attainment of a certain GPA(grade point average, maximum 4) or CAP(cumulative average points, maximum 5). They're planning to build a lot more in the upcoming years though as there's a huge demand for it. All undergraduates - except for those for programmes at NTU in UAE 2018 Representative Polytechnic Grade Point Averages (GPAs) of the 10th and 90th percentiles of Polytechnic applicants offered places for programmes in AY2018-19. To obtain a highest distinction or distinction honours degree, students must read and complete their graduation projects. I achieved to get cumulative GPA of 4. 00 or on academic suspension will be referred to the Academic Counselor to be placed on an academic contract or education plan. 1.

If, in addition, you populate the Current Cumulative GPA section, this tool will also calculate the resultant cumulative GPA at the end of the semester. 7. Students in the first class enjoy certain kind of pride, so much like passengers in the business class cabin in a plane: they are still in the same plane as the economy class passengers, but somehow they think they are different. The GPA used is the lower of the student’s SMU cumulative GPA and all-college GPA (this includes transfer work) and includes undergraduate coursework only. • Both SMU and SUTD are considered specialised schools • NTU and NUS offer a substantial amount of credits for students to take modules outside of their disciplines. 1st class honours may or may not get a place depending on the number of applicants that particular year. The Nanyang Technological University is renaming its honours degrees to reflect the quality of its students, the second public institution here to do so. Honours is a post-bachelor's qualification and therefore you must have completed a BA or BSc before you can be accepted. The U. Appealing a Dismissal Due to GPA.

5 and I can’t find a job or a girlfriend. A*STAR Graduate Scholarship A collaboration between A*STAR, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Management University (SMU), the A*STAR Graduate Scholarship (AGS) enables you to undertake research at an A*STAR Research Institute and register your PhD candidature at NTU, NUS, SUTD or SMU. At ANU, the GPA is calculated on a 7 point scale. 11 Degree Classification Home / NUS Bulletin AY2018/19 / Students’ degree and Honours classification will be determined by their CAP as follows: This is what it feels like to be studying at one of the world's most beautiful campuses: From stunning architecture to overseas opportunities for the ambitious and curious, here's the A to Z of life at NTU NTU GPA goals calculator helps you calculate what grades/GPA you need for the semester to reach your desired Honors Class or to apply for exchange programs. 0 scale. For enquiries, please contact AC-SBS-GS@ntu. For students from Cohorts 2011 or earlier, to obtain First Class Honours, students must do a HD and score at least an A- in the HD and attain a CAP score of 4. 7 when I graduate, from NTU what will happen? is it okay to graduate with just a normal degree? is my degree worthless if dun have honours? anyone here grad without any honour? pls advise Degree Classification: entry to Qualifying year or Part 1 from September 2015 Honours and Integrated Masters Degrees. This mitigates the impact on GPA of unsuccessful first attempts so that students focus on learning rather than on grades. Before my enrolement, NTU was simply a University that awarded alphabetical grades from A to F for subjects.

GPA (Grade Point Average) For students in a specialization or honours program, your in-major GPA determines your eligibility to stay in the program, and graduate with the honours recognition. You will be making the right choice to study at NTU School of Biological Sciences because: Direct Honours*: The School offers 3-4- year direct honours degree programmes in Biological Sciences and 5-year double degree programme in Biomedical Sciences & Chinese Medicine. 0, you will not be eligible for honours. 25/5. Grade Point Average Requirements The university adopts a Grade Point Average (GPA) system of calculating the overall academic performance of a student in a particular semester and for the whole programme. I have mailed them thrice during the admission process but am yet to receive a reply. Congratulations to Sabrina Ip (Class of 2019) for being awarded a scholarship for admission to Stanford University PhD programme! 28-May-2019 Degree classification. Let say if my GPA 2. The first, upper second, lower second and third thing is an honours classification, not some sort of mark for your degree. University Honors Program.

00. (Whoa! God only knows man!! The NTU helpdesk never responds. Class of Honours/Grade Point Average (GPA) The awarding of a postgraduate qualification with a class of honours, or with distinction, is determined by the Grade Point Average (GPA) that a student achieves. You can leave your feedback and suggestions in the GPA Calculator forum. If you get a basic degree from NUS, you cannot go overseas to complete your honours. I wont go into detail on how to calculate your GPA, but what you need to know is that the more AUs a mod has, the more weightage it will have on your GPA. What Grade Point Average (GPA) do I need to get into Honours? Views: If you have demonstrated academic excellence (GPA of 5. 11 Degree Classification Home / NUS Bulletin AY2018/19 / Students’ degree and Honours classification will be determined by their CAP as follows: To graduate, an undergraduate student must have a minimum CAP of 2. The upper second-class honours degree is a classification in the United Kingdom's university undergraduate degree structure. com.

If you do not meet the minimum GPA requirement, you may be dismissed from the Honors Program. Students who were admitted in academic year 2004-05 and earlier are not affected by the requirements of the More NUS students can graduate with honours degree. In the United States, an honours degree (or honors degree in US spelling) requires a thesis or project work beyond that needed for the normal bachelor's program. e. 5-3 Third Class If your GPA when you graduate is less than 3, you will only get a degree, no honours. Those people who the ad com was interested in have not only received interview calls but also offer letters. There are tens of thousands of China and India students with perfect gpa. Students who qualify will have the option of pursuing a second major within SSS (Economics, Public Policy and Global Affairs, Psychology or Sociology), or a second major within SoH (Chinese, English, History, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, or Philosophy) or a second major in – Honours: NTU has direct honours for some majors But this doesn’t mean you automatically get a degree with Hons. To start viewing Topics and Posts, please select the Community button at the top. Calculating your GPA.

NTU uses the former whilst NUS uses the latter. A reader actually posted me this question, and it was one of the things that I have yet to look at in this blog: "Is it true that NTU Honours students would have more hours spend in both psychology and psychology-related modules as compared to NUS Honours students? Exempted course do not count towards Grade Point Average (GPA) and have no bearing on the classification of honours to be awarded. It depends on the type and level of the job you are applying for. For Masters by research programme, a Bachelor degree with Honours (Distinction) or a CGPA of 4. It serves to This bilingual programme is a collaboration between NTU and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) which started in the year 2005. if You want to Know How to national university NU online grades Calculate / Check/ count Honours or Degree Exam GPA/CGPA in National University Grading Points System. In the US, classroom participation and regular testing/homework make a large impact on your result. For more information on GPA, please refer to this link. FRESHMEN YEAR GPA EXEMPTION The exemption from GPA computation applies for up to 6 courses that students do not pass on their first attempt in their Freshmen Year (first two semesters). National University (NU) Honours Admission Result Can Found SMS System.

Attention : Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class schedule. Note: If you retake a course, do not list that course in the Cumulative GPA Calculator — that calculator will just add it as if it is a new course. 2016 NTU Valedictorian . He is alleged to have "dishonestly induced" a company 3. 0 as the maximum point while SMU uses a scale of 4. I would say NTU curriculum prepared me very well for the technical knowledge I needed to do my job well. This innovative “East Meets West” programme trains students in 21st century Biomedical Sciences and the principles and practice of Chinese Medicine (CM). GPA and MSG. 00 for two consecutive semesters. For 2nd class upper chances are already pretty slim.

The iNTU portal provides a smooth one-stop access experience for NTU students, faculty and staff. GPA = 3. All undergraduates - except for those A 3. This is the extra academic component that is not available in a non-honours degree. 99 is considered comparable to a UK 2. . NU. To remain in good academic standing, and to continue in an undergraduate programme of study, a student may not have CAP below 2. 2. Results: 1 Distinction, 21 ‘A’s and 11 ‘B’s.

Students who are not eligible for FYP must read TWO (2) additional HY4000 level courses to fulfil the 8 AUs requirement. You only have to sign on once to access: NTU email; NTU courses schedules and registration; NTU online library with eJournals, databases and exam papers News @ AsiaOne . To be honest, 3 years direct honours to you it might sound duboius but people in SMU can also graduate in 3years. The top degree programmes are yet again in business, law, medicine, and computing. (The Distinction I earned was for Artificial Intelligence. Dean’s List Students who have recorded significant academic achievements in the academic year are acknowledged in the Dean’s List. I graduated from NTU, one of the most prestigious universities in Singapore, with Honours (Distinction). 0. Upon graduation, successful students will be awarded direct honours. Instructions : From the drop-down list of Programme/Study Year, select an option and click on Load Class Schedule or enter Course Code to search.

EDU. Honours Bachelor Degree NQAI Level 8 Degree award is calculated on the final two stages of the Medical programme . GPA • NUS, NTU and SUTD use a scale of 5. To view the Degree Honors, select an academic year from the links on the right. But in most cases, having good honours only gets you an interview as it is a kind of filter to eliminate those who would probably be lacking in some areas to achieve anything less. Degrees in the UK are usually evaluated by large pieces of coursework and a final exam at the end of the module, term, year or degree. Dinesh Prem Nair (07A4), BA (History) 1st Class Honours, who achieved GPA 5. Basic University Mambo Jumbo Academic Units (AUs): Academic Units (or Modular Credits in NUS/credits in SMU) is the measurement of the amount of workload required for that module. NTU honours grad finally gets jail for shoplifting . Congratulations to Sabrina Ip (Class of 2019) for being awarded a scholarship for admission to Stanford University PhD programme! 28-May-2019 Postgraduate: A 4-year bachelors degree with a GPA of 3.

BD Honours 4th Year Exam will start from 5th March 2018 and end at 22nd April 2018. BONUS: In your freshmen year, including direct year2s, if you fail a mod, it doesnt affect your GPA. "Why is a second upper honours degree so coveted? I find it weird that it is so oddly specific, like I don't even hear people talking about first class No they don't. The GPA system is applicable to all students admitted in academic year 2005-06 and thereafter. National university grading system National University Bangladesh Honours, Degree, Masters Exam Grading System And GPA/CGPA Count System . About Scholaro GPA Calculator. • In NTU, NUS and SMU, taking double majors is encouraged. 50 or above. You'll simply have to retake it if its a core. SCSE Photo Gallery.

Enjoy your stay! Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award, NTU. In the top 10 of our latest Graduate Employment Survey ranking, Business and Econs clinched 5 spots (up from 3 last year), Law 2 spots, Computing 2 spots, and one spot each for Medicine and Science (Yale-NUS). 3. I specialized in Embedded Systems during my last year of studies. 00 or above) during your Bachelor Degree you are encouraged to undertake an Honours year – a 1 year specialisation related to your undergraduate studies. So does it make a diff now? Nottingham Trent University Quality Handbook Part E Section 16A: Common Assessment Regulations for Bachelor’s and Integrated Master’s degrees . The GPA is calculated based on the total 120 credits in the final two stages . Awards & Achievements What is a GPA? A GPA is an internationally recognised method of assigning a numerical index on a scale; it provides a summary of academic performance. edu. Changes to the GPA were approved by the Board for Undergraduate Studies in 2011 and The UWI had announced in September 2013 that these changes would Entry into postgraduate honours is competitive and will be based on minimum grade point average (GPA) for an identified and published set of undergraduate courses.

5-year course 3. The Dean’s list is compiled on a yearly basis. The actual subjects counted towards the GPA computation differs between schools. 0-3. sg. 4 out of 5. This double degree programme, jointly offered by the College of Engineering and the School of Social Sciences, aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in engineering and economics. Achieve your First Class Honour by using Digital Senior online NTU GPA Target Calculator. The system provides opportunities for students to broaden their learning experience and progress at a pace most suited to their individual needs while maintaining high academic standards The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the second public institution here to rename its honours degrees to better reflect the quality of its students. More Stories.

JLC Advisors' website Jeffrey Ong is the managing partner of JLC Advisors. Letter grades obtained for courses are assigned grade points of 0 to 5. National University Honours 4th year result 2018 will be published on within 6th September 2018. NTU Class of 1985 Cash Prizes Award The cash award is awarded to a student who has obtained at least an Honours (Distinction) with highest aggregate marks in 'HW0288 Engineering Communication II' and 'MA0101 Engineers and Society' for the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering). Degrees are awarded with or without honours, thereby distinguishing the achievements of graduates. The listed status of the main hall demanded that all works be undertaken with great sensitivity towards the Victorian interior. The School of Social Sciences (SSS) offers Second Major programmes to its students and its sister schools. For simple average leave all Credits fields empty. Departmental honours are awarded after the fourth year, based on GPA and other performance criteria. Honours programs in the US are taken alongside the rest of the degree and often have a minimum GPA requirement for entry, which can vary between institutions.

If you do not get a degree with honours, then you simply have what is called an ordinary degree, which is lower than an honours third in academic standing, but does not have its own mark or grade. The GPA is usually calculated by taking the Grade Point of each subject, adding them together, then dividing the total by that number of subjects. Singapore’s top ranked Nanyang Technological University, or NTU, has become the second university in Singapore to ditch British-style honours degree classifications to eliminate ‘third-class’ degrees and “better reflect” their students’ capabilities, the university said. To diverse my area of knowledge, I took up the Multi Kinect Calibration project as my Final Year Project. For qualifications from US, French, Australian, Indian, and other education systems, please see relevant country. The mere thought that you can do something makes it possible for you to achieve your goal as opposed to the constant thought that the task is beyond your capabilites. The system has been applied (sometimes with significant variations) in other countries and regions. That means to say you do not have to apply to be enrolled in the Honours programme depending on your GPA in Year 3. 4/5. 300 GPA by the end of the JUNIOR year.

A key benefit of grade-based assessment (GBA) is that grades and associated descriptors help you to track your development on each module as well as monitor overall progress on the journey to your award. To know more about the degree programmes that you can pursue and the possible exemptions for the degree programme that you are interested in, Please click this link for guidelines on university advanced standings Note: Transfer courses are not included in calculating the student's NTU cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). Candidates must have Bachelor's degree with minimum 2nd upper class honours and the ability to pursue research in their proposed field of advanced study. Class of Honours/grade point average. 00 and above and a Bachelor degree of Honours (Distinction) with GPA of 4. It is purely based on grades and locals are not given special preference or higher standing. Unlike other universities, the courses offered in SoH and SSS are directly enrolled in Honours. NUS makes it easier for students in four faculties to qualify for honours By Sandra Davie, The Straits Times, 25 Jul 2014 MORE than eight in 10 students on the four-year direct honours degree courses at public universities here graduate with honours or the equivalent. NTU GPA goals calculator helps you calculate what grades/GPA you need for the semester to reach your desired Honors Class or to apply for exchange programs. 0 since joining the Honours program are allowed to do the Honours Dissertation.

Before calculating your GPA, course results must be converted into a numeric value. Other Honors not true leh. You only have to sign on once to access: NTU email; NTU courses schedules and registration; NTU online library with eJournals, databases and exam papers Honours degree will have a research component at the end of the studies, normally in the form of a research thesis. Admission criteria. Changes to the regulations . . MONA REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS, Jamaica – A revised Grade Point Average (GPA) scheme will be introduced by The University of the West Indies (UWI) from the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year. Institutional Knowledge Management University of Central Florida 12424 Research Parkway, Suite 215 Orlando, FL 32826-3269 The Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numerical index that summarises academic performance. Introduction. All courses read on the S/U basis will be excluded from the computation of GPA and hence has no impact on the Honours classification.

This international GPA calculator is intended to help you calculate the United States Grade Point Average (GPA) based on grades or points from almost any country in the world. 5 Second Lower 3. When applying to study a degree, most people don't realise you do actually have the option to study for a 'regular' degree or one with honours. Contact your school or institution for an exact determination. Assessment practice at NTU uses grades. She’s always been out of my league but she gave me a chance and I blew it. Zehuan Liao of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (ntu) | Read 5 publications, and contact Zehuan Liao on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Only Honours students with a CAP score of at least 4. Honours Admission 1st Year Result For National University. Her psychiatrist, a judge, the Chief Justice, parents and siblings tried to help her but she continued to steal.

I'm very upset with the academic system NTU has adopted. Nanyang Technological University (1991-95) Graduated in May 1995 with Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Engineering) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). Based on past statistics, close to 90% of our students qualify for the Honours Programme. Interested in studying at Nottingham Trent University (NTU)? On this page, we’ve included everything you’ll need to know – meet NTU’s Representative for Canada, learn about our entry requirements, and sign up to keep in touch with us. 0 for two consecutive years. 3. Please email GEMDiscoverer@ntu. Candidates who do not have a degree in Economics will be considered provided they have a good honours degree in other disciplines and a strong quantitative background. Please note that all Bitlinks are public but anonymous; therefore, use at your discretion. No they don't.

Degree Class for each degree is calculated based on the final GPA as follows: Greater than or equal to 3. What is a GPA? A GPA is an internationally recognised method of assigning a numerical index on a scale; it provides a summary of academic performance. A degree with honours is usually the most popular - if your qualifications says 'hons' in brackets after the title, that's what you're studying. For PhD programme, a Masters degree with GPA of 4. sg promptly (while the application period is still open) Your GPA and honours classification will not be affected. With the new curriculum, all students are automatically enrolled into the direct honours programme with the possibility to withdraw should they wish to complete just the basic Bachelor degree. 60-2. Starting school in NTU soon? Here are a few things you should take note of! 1. September 2018 page. 0 GPA in NUS but it is not as difficult as people make it out to be.

All first degree students graduating from The Grade Point Average (GPA) system applies to students admitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in AY2004-2005 and all students admitted to Year 1 with effect from AY2005-2006 and direct entry students admitted to Year 2 with effect from AY2006-2007. Student teachers may be awarded an honours degree for excellent overall academic performance. If you graduate with a GPA of below 3. Honours GPA: 5-4. What Is the Meaning of "honours Degree"? An honours degree is a grading classification in the United Kingdom that distinguishes achievements of undergraduates. NTU required a system to provide sound reinforcement, signal processing and lecture capture for the main ceremonial hall, as well as further audio provision for the ancillary spaces. Applicants from universities in China must have an average grade of 80 or above for the relevant Bachelor’s degree. Easy to Calculate Grade Point. If you received a dismissal notice from the Honors Program because your cumulative GPA fell below the requirement for your academic level, you may appeal the decision for any Grade-based assessment. The degree programmes have been offered since the academic year of 2005/2006.

Transfer Credit Evaluation You must be properly attired as befits the occasion as academic tradition is observed and the ceremonial proceedings at the Convocation are kept formal and dignified. General overview of application procedures * Candidates may approach faculty to set up NTU-KI Collaboration projects. NTU honours Outstanding Alumni at Annual Homecoming Also launches eight mobile-learning courses for working professionals. I. "I’ve graduated with a GPA under 3. Interested in studying at Nottingham Trent University (NTU)? On this page, we’ve included everything you’ll need to know – meet NTU’s Representative for Nigeria, find out about our entry requirements, Nigeria High Achievers Award and sign up to keep in touch with us. 0; If this is your first visit, you need to register first to be able to access the forums and files. Have maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 5. Starting from AY 2014, freshmen can automatically exclude up to six courses for Grade Point Average (GPA) computation, if they do not attain a pass for their first attempt in their first year. They claim by being transparent with the grading systems students will have a better gauge to what is expected to score for honours.

Dutch-Bangla Bank, under its social cause program, has been awarding scholarships to the meritorious students in need of financial aid […] Reason 1: Degrees at NTU are directly enrolled in Honours. SPMS Freshmen Guide Grade Point Average (GPA) System The Grade Point Average (GPA) system applies to students admitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in AY2004-2005 and all students admitted to Year 1 with effect from AY2005-2006 and direct entry students admitted to Year 2 with effect from AY2006-2007. 1, while a score of 2. Students are only allowed to apply for exemption for course(s) that are offered in that semester. The procedure for calculating the Grade Point Average is as follows: a. A Transfer Student who does not have a cumulative grade point average of 2. for NTU direct honours cse, it's 1st class, 2nd upper, 2nd lower, 3rd, merit (depending on individual cse), pass, and dun be surprised many unable to graduate due to GPA not hitting minimum Applicants from overseas universities must have a relevant Bachelor’s degree with at least 2nd Upper Honours or better. Degree with Honours and Classification? I agree SMU grads are more articulate but then what kind of career are you expecting your child to embark on initially? Like me, like 60% of the cohort, I went on to the Big 6 then and started everything from scratch. SCSE Research Overview. 1 The regulations will be reviewed and updated periodically in line with Candidates should possess a degree in economics with good honours.

NU Honours Admission Circular 2019-20. Students who do not have the required GPA to do the FYP must read two 4000-level courses instead to fulfill the 8 AUs requirement. No SINGAPORE — Nanyang Technological University (NTU) kicks off the new academic year with the opening of two new residential halls and introduces changes to its grading system for students today Catering Services Singapore, Food Catering Services Started from a small stall in Bugis Street, MakanMate has grown to cater to industrial workers as well as catering functions for the cost and health conscious. 0 GPA is considerably more difficult than getting a 4. Results and classifications . Road to GPA 5. So the 3 and 4 years things do not make any difference. i. These regulations take effect from 2015/16 for students entering Qualifying year or Part I from September 2015. Please note that in addition to the Polytechnic GPA, the O-Level results of Polytechnic applicants are also taken into account for university admissions.

If you're coming into NTU, I guess one of your top concern would be if you should apply to stay in the halls in NTU. 49 out of 4. Bioengineering at NTU starts by asking where graduates will be hired and develop a curriculum that combines both engineering and life science with entrepreneurship as key components quite different from other universities. Prospective Students. Application Procedure: Application for course exemption occurs before start of each semester. NTU tuition fees for undergrad courses mostly cost $8,150 to $9,350 per year = $27,000 for a 3-year course; Add one more year’s fees for direct honours courses = roughly $36,000 for a 4-year course; NTU’s Renaissance Engineering Programme is steeper at $17,600 per year = $79,200 for 4. Specific calculations are applied depending on your program of study. Students are allowed to exercise the S/U option for up to a maximum of 12 AU (9 AU for students admitted directly to the second year of a 4-year programme). A first class degree may have as little as half first class marks if the average is high enough. Meanwhile my ex is doing so well, first class honours, going to exchange next sem, and I think she has a new boyfriend based on a mutual friends instastory but I’m not sure.

Announcement on New Nomenclature for NTU Degree Classification To reflect the rising quality of student intake over the years, NTU will adopt a new nomenclature for the honours classification of our Bachelor degrees (with the exception of the MBBS degree) with effect from AY2017-18. 5 First class 4. 50, and taking at least 16 Academic Unit of courses (for full time students and 9 Academic Unit of courses for part-time students) in NTU in the academic year, is eligible for the Dean’s list. Information and entry requirements for students from Canada. To obtain a Honours (Highest Distinction) or Honours (Distinction), students have to read and complete FYP. And normally professional courses take this as an essential component to determine its professional recognition. There is no single comprehensive answer to this question because grading policies vary with the school and are The National University of Singapore (NUS) Law school is doubling the number of students eligible for the first class honours degree to the top 10 per cent of each cohort, up from 5 per cent, in a Grade Point Average (GPA) System From academic year 2005-06, a new Grade Point Average (GPA) system of grading will be adopted. NU Honours Admission Result 2018-19. To calculate GPA for the current semester enter course credits and grades in the rows in the This Semester section and click the Calculate button. 5-4 Second Upper 4-3.

2 . Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) - Grade Point Average (GPA) System This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. After Publishing Bangladesh national University Admission Result For Honors Level, All Applicants Can Get Result Through Online and SMS. You only have to sign on once to access: NTU email; NTU courses schedules and registration; NTU online library with eJournals, databases and exam papers Class of Honours/Grade Point Average (GPA) The awarding of a postgraduate qualification with a class of honours, or with distinction, is determined by the Grade Point Average (GPA) that a student achieves. The top 5% of the cohort, subject to attaining a minimum YGPA of 4. Read more at straitstimes. GPA is calculated on a 4. to say, NTU although is 3years, they squeeze everything that is required for you and your employers require of you into you already. The myth of the first class honours. 8 or even 3.

All The BFA in Art, Design and Media is a four-year degree programme for undergraduates interested in a major in Art, Design and Media within specialisation in six disciplines at NTU. Who I just have to say it. 5/5) from a well ranked university is considered comparable to a UK 2. The two options available are for students in honours programs, and those in non-honours programs. NTU has a total of 16 undergraduate halls as of now. Yes, which would seem to back up the scheme above which states anything over 67 is an A. Information and entry requirements for students from Nigeria . 0 in every semester or fluctuate around 4. However, I’m not sure if there has been changes in the systems in either schools since I have left NUS for about 4 years coming already. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) is honouring 37 alumni for their stellar achievements and contributions to the University and to society at its annual alumni Homecoming event this evening.

89 are allowed to opt-in to do FYP. To find you actual new GPA, use the Cumulative GPA Calculator inputting the non-repeated courses and then use this one to see the effect of the repeated course. NTU has released deadlines/Essays for 2018 MBA application so thought I'd create a place for NTU-wannabees to hang out and network with other applicants. Applicants from universities in India must have 1st Class Honours for the relevant Bachelor’s degree. 75 - 3. In some Secondary Schools, the Grade Point Average (GPA) grading system is used. 9/4. As mentioned above, NTU IS a FOUR-year course. They will retake the exams for those exempted courses and the grade for the second attempt will then be used to compute the student’s GPA. S.

Reason 1: Degrees at NTU are directly enrolled in Honours. top if off, we have been serving a growing clientele in the Western part of Singapore. Open to qualifying students of all majors, the University invites up to 165 first year students to the University Honors Program which centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences. Unfortunately, honours is not something that you can work on in a different university from your basic degree. Any exact equivalence from an UK degree result to a USA GPA would be very difficult, as the processes of arriving at these are totally different. United Kingdom (UK) There are tens of thousands of China and India students with perfect gpa. 72 (for CE subjects). In addition to Latin Honors, the University offers other tracks for graduating with honors. The awarding of a postgraduate qualification with a class of honours, or with distinction/merit, is initially determined by the length of time taken to complete the qualification and then by the Grade Point Average (GPA) that you achieve. Alternatively, you can calculate your GPA by first converting the German grades into the Singaporean grade equivalent before checking to see how they correspond to the Honours/Cum-Laude & Merit Awards system using the guidelines provided by NUS, NTU and SMU respectively.

Further, remember that lots of people who score a mean of 68 or more have a few exams under that mark--and therefore at A- standard--the US equivalent could perhaps be 3. The Undergraduate programmes are positioned to integrate the best of an academic degree with a good foundation in the field of education to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills to excel in careers both in education and education-related (c) Grade Point Average (GPA) Grade Point Average is the average obtained by dividing the total grade points earned by the total quality hours for which the student has registered for any stated period of time, excluding courses taken on a pass/fail basis, audited courses, courses taken for Vision, Mission and PEOs. These BSc programmes are “direct honours” programmes, with no separate GPA requirement for proceeding to the fourth year of the programme. Getting a First Class Honours: Surround Yourself with Positive People Studies have shown (but I’m not going to start quoting them here) that positivity leads to success. An degree with honours denotes a degree in a given subject that required a higher level of academic learning and achievement. The University’s academic structure for its undergraduate programmes is based on the Academic Unit System. 0 for the Year 2 and Year 3 courses of the psychology extended major. In the case of on-course honours, where eligibility to enter an honours stream is determined mid-program, the criteria for eligibility to enter the honours stream must be published. 68 1st Class Honours What Grade Point Average (GPA) do I need to get into Honours? Views: If you have demonstrated academic excellence (GPA of 5. With a Biological Science Honours degree, you can make a difference.

Those within holding band of 3. 0 (3. The British undergraduate degree classification system is a grading structure for undergraduate degrees or bachelor's degrees and integrated master's degrees in the United Kingdom. Over the years, mechanical engineering has grown from producing basic functional products to advanced technology-based items that are smaller, smarter and ‘greener’. ntu gpa honours

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